Onyx Client Guide Templates - Full Bundle


Uplevel your client experience with the full bundle of Client Guide Templates from the Onyx Collection.  This bundle includes the Wedding, Elopement, Session Planning, Pricing, Location, and Album Guide Templates. The Onyx Collection features a design style that is clean, modern, and editorial, complemented with oval shapes.

As a Photographer and Brand + Web Designer with years of experience in this industry, we set out to create expertly designed templates that make you AND your clients' lives easier. These templates keep your brand at the forefront - Canva allows for you to easily customize everything to your existing brand (or, they are beautifully designed on their own, with no need for customization if you don't already have an established brand identity!), include PDFs with full instructions + prompts that will help you write your own personalized copy that matches your brand voice, and come with a full video course to guide you through the entire process - from opening the document through holding the final, printed product in your hands. With six matching templates included in this collection, you can rest easy that every touchpoint of your client experience will be seamless and consistent. 

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Wedding and Elopement Guides


Guides that inspire your couples to plan the day of their dreams, all while sharing your expert knowledge and intentions. With a combined two decades in the industry, we've made sure that any questions your clients may have for their wedding or elopement photographer or videographer will be answered - without ever writing a single email. These 52+ page guide templates include sections ranging from unique ceremony ideas to a section at the end that turns these guides into an interactive date night that will help them plan their big day, and will ensure that your clients feel confident and prepared as they navigate the wedding or elopement planning process.

Session Planning Guide


A guide that helps to share your expert knowledge and intentions with any of your clients, no matter the type of session. With a combined two decades in the industry, we've made sure that any questions your clients may have for their photographer or videographer will be answered - without ever writing a single email. This 20 page guide template includes sections ranging from outfit prep to posing, and will ensure that your clients feel confident and prepared before their session

Pricing Guide


A concise guide that strategically presents your pricing and positions you as an expert before your clients even book you.  

Location Guide


This informative guide helps your clients to visualize your recommendations when choosing a location for their session.  However, this resource can be used for more than showing off your favorite locations - consider using it in comparing seasons for their session, choosing an airbnb to get ready in before their wedding or elopement, or even picking the best time of day at a certain location.

Album Guide


This guide both serves as a resource for your clients in the album buying process and helps you sell them!

Guide Template Collage Add Ons


56 additional page designs that can be easily added into any Client Guide Template (all designs available in horizontal and vertical versions), including alternate covers and collage layouts (available in all 5 styles to match each collection of guide templates), to help you further tailor your client guides to your brand + business.

Laurken Kendall

"I have three children, a working farm and a packed wedding schedule, leaving minimal time for much else, let alone time to refresh and redesign my client materials every year. Dawn and Maggie’s templates allowed me to create 3 beautiful, seperate guides in Canva in a period of an hour. I’m the type of person that gets overwhelmed by too many options, so while Canva is an easy to use platform, the multitude of choices is something that always stopped me from completing projects. So grateful for these templates that minimized the decision making, allowed me to quickly input photos and information and are gorgeous for my clients.  Love love love."

Harriet Thompson

“Dawn + Maggie’s guide templates are a total GAME CHANGER for your business!!!! They are BEAUTIFUL and the perfect layout for anyone wanting to better their client experience. The guide templates come with everything you need to prepare your subjects for their special day - whether it’s for a wedding, elopement, engagement, or any other session, they will 100000% feel valued and ready to have their photos taken after reading through these guides. The guide templates are beautifully crafted so all you have to do is add in your photos, copy, & branding elements to make it unique & customised to your business!! The ‘How to Write Your Copy’ pdf is jam packed with everything you need to write your copy including timeline examples, checklists, tips, and soooo much more!! These guides will totally transform your business & client experience!!!!”

Jordan Voth

"Dawn & Maggie’s guide templates are an absolute game changer! As someone who is not great with graphic design and using software like InDesign, these templates are a breath of fresh air. They are extremely easy to use and easy to make your own. In my business, client guides are something I’ve always wanted to create but I’ve always been pretty intimidated by the time it would take to really get these where I would want to be. With Dawn & Maggie’s guide templates, I was able to make multiple guides in no time at all. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with trying to create your own guides or just want to take your guides to the next level, I highly recommend these templates!"

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